Week 22

I am so mixed on my plans for the 3 days of silence.  I have wanted to do just that for a long time but the MKMMA days of silence are far more stringent than what I had always imagined.  No doubt the MKMMA version is more powerful and therefore more important to do.  In my wishes I would have gone to Mepkin Abbey and spent 3 days there.  It is a beautiful place with gardens and farming as well as paths to walk.  I still could use that as a place to go with the difference being I would not take my phone, books, music.  Much more isolated.  At this point the Abbey is booked for many months out.

I am eager to hear where others have gone to escape and grow.


Week 20

What would the person I wish to become do next?

She would be brave with her newly gained knowledge and beliefs.  She would dissect her day or week.  Look at the overall day as if she were an efficiency expert.  Take detailed notes of time spent reading.  How long, content, purpose (was it educational, spiritual, entertainment or just relaxation)?

What did she eat?  How long? Reasons for eating and choosing what she ate? Look at every moment of socializing, working, family, television, phone calls, exercise.  Then she could locate the areas that do not promote her best self.  When the task is finished it may be clear what to adjust in order to support the new self.  It is like taking out the garbage.  I would love to hear what others think of this idea.

Week 19 continued

YES!  It is happening!  The week has been far more dynamic than the past 2 or 3 and looking back I can see a progression.

My long time affinity for children’s welfare has taken shape but certainly not in a way I would ever have imagined.  I thought perhaps I could volunteer to rock babies in the NICU or read stories on the pediatric floor of the local hospital or even be a teachers aid.  This I wrote on a 3×5 card, “volunteer assistance to children by Mar 1,2018”.

This week what appears in my email?  A pleas for volunteers to be Guardian ad Lidem for my county.  Further research and an application and I am accepted to be trained starting Feb 20!

A Guardian ad Lidem operates as a voice for children in foster care to the court on what is going on with the child and what is in their best interest at various points in the process.

Now, of course, I can still read to them and if they need to be rocked, I can do that too, but this opportunity has far reaching hope.  My hope and aim is to make a real difference.

I am always amazed how the Universe works with these tiny seeds of desire we have.


Week 18 & 19

Yes!  I am embarrassed!  I have missed an entire week of writing.  I feel like I have missed an entire week and I really do think I did.  Looking at last week, I was unproductive and uninspired and as a result I did almost nothing of note.  Reading Og reminds me that every day is to be used like the gift it is.  Going thru the motions is not enough.  Now that I have spent 18 weeks of MKMMA and I still let myself down tells me I have to come back stronger and more determined to kill off subby.  He/she is not my friend and robs me of opportunities I never focused on before.  So goodbye week 18.  You are only a reminder that I must be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!  I am putting a copy of this entry on my mirror next to The Gal in the Mirror.  It is obvious to me that my eyes read that poem, not my mind and not my heart.  I forgot what my main thing is and now…

Finishing what I start makes me a winner.

Week 17 again?

I was so pleased with this weeks moment to reflect on past lessons and to solidify where we are on our journey.  In addition, Mark’s writing about Joe Campbell in the survey page really resonated with me.  In fact, I have ordered a book by Mr. Campbell and am eager to receive it.  Like I don’t already have enough to read!

I am also trying to recover from a massive attack of spring fever!  It is hard to believe only a few weeks ago I was housebound with the largest snow storm in history for the low country!  Now I am outside doing spring clean up and pouring over garden catalogs, planning which seeds I will plant.

Kindness is still showing its beautiful self though.  After hours of cutting down giant stands of papyrus I was astounded at the amount of debris I had to bundle up for trash pick up.  As I was struggling to keep it all together a neighbor came by and offered to put it all in his fire pit.  He and a friend even carried it away!  How wonderful was that?  My poor back was just about to snap and along came a neighbor I had never even met.

Gotta run!  I have thank you cookies to bake and a 3×5 card to write!

Week 17 Legacy and Helping Others

It is time for me to stop for a moment and take a look at this amazing journey.  I have been trying to explain this to my dearest friend and I think that is more difficult than anything else.  I find myself at a loss for words, but I feel incredible.  Then I try to explain the feeling and end up just smiling and feeling simple.

So then I tell her it is something I think everyone should experience because it is truly trans formative.  Why?  Why indeed.  How do I tell her about the world within when I know it is an emotional event that makes waking up enjoyable because I know for sure something wonderful will happen today.  The way I respond to the day will be an adventure that would not have been the same 16 weeks ago.  Or how to explain the feeling of excitement and expectation for the future.  I never found the right words but I believe she is very happy for me and knows I want the same for her.  I fully expect she will be ready to PIF next time around.

Finally,  I have to say, I am so happy that this journey has gone hand in hand with my core beliefs.   Thank you MKMMA.

Week 15 : A worthy destination

You make a great point that we have to be clear and present and use our thoughts in a way to fortify our new blueprint. Good reminder, I am happy I read your blog

Log of a transformation

I feel a great fatigue and yet I know that it is not the moment to relax.

I know that my old blueprint resists because otherwise it would not require so much effort!

We are made of what we think. I live MKE, I breathe MKE, I read MKE, I listen to MKE + my daily life. Every day I work on my blueprint. This work requires concentration and this week I become aware of the finer points of the thoughts that I can have. The further I go, the more I know exactly what I need. I constantly evaluate what can move me forward and I take it. It has been several weeks since I hear that knowledge does not apply itself and today I have just understood what is my unlimited potential. My thoughts. Anything that is not applied and practiced does not serve. That’s why we need…

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