Week 17 Legacy and Helping Others

It is time for me to stop for a moment and take a look at this amazing journey.  I have been trying to explain this to my dearest friend and I think that is more difficult than anything else.  I find myself at a loss for words, but I feel incredible.  Then I try to explain the feeling and end up just smiling and feeling simple.

So then I tell her it is something I think everyone should experience because it is truly trans formative.  Why?  Why indeed.  How do I tell her about the world within when I know it is an emotional event that makes waking up enjoyable because I know for sure something wonderful will happen today.  The way I respond to the day will be an adventure that would not have been the same 16 weeks ago.  Or how to explain the feeling of excitement and expectation for the future.  I never found the right words but I believe she is very happy for me and knows I want the same for her.  I fully expect she will be ready to PIF next time around.

Finally,  I have to say, I am so happy that this journey has gone hand in hand with my core beliefs.   Thank you MKMMA.


Week 15 : A worthy destination

You make a great point that we have to be clear and present and use our thoughts in a way to fortify our new blueprint. Good reminder, I am happy I read your blog

Log of a transformation

I feel a great fatigue and yet I know that it is not the moment to relax.

I know that my old blueprint resists because otherwise it would not require so much effort!

We are made of what we think. I live MKE, I breathe MKE, I read MKE, I listen to MKE + my daily life. Every day I work on my blueprint. This work requires concentration and this week I become aware of the finer points of the thoughts that I can have. The further I go, the more I know exactly what I need. I constantly evaluate what can move me forward and I take it. It has been several weeks since I hear that knowledge does not apply itself and today I have just understood what is my unlimited potential. My thoughts. Anything that is not applied and practiced does not serve. That’s why we need…

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Week 16 Legacy and Helping Others

Usually something really “trips my trigger” and I end up writing about it here in Blogville, however, since the holidays I have not had any big moments.  I miss that.

The difference is that we had a mega snow storm here in Charleston with temps in the teens for over a week.  For those of you not living in the deep south, that is an event that literally stops everything!  No school, no work, people are isolated on the islands or on the peninsula due to the bridges freezing over.  The roads were ice  and would  melt and freeze again overnight.  Charleston and the areas around have no snow plows or any equipment  for that matter.  Not even a snow shovel!  So, life stood still.  There was no mail, no food deliveries to grocery stores or restaurants, and every place that can be used was turned into warming stations for people who had been stranded during the holiday season.  Here in the south the sun is a friend that rarely hides away, so we are prone to distress and depression when it isn’t there.  So when I say we have had very little going on around here I really mean it.

Thinking back over the past week and a few days, I laugh.  Neighbors were checking on each other and offering food when it became clear we could not leave our neighborhood.  Then came the snowman contests in every yard and on every corner and the old people were teaching kids about snow cream.  Time passed very slowly.

Looking back though, one could see kindness everywhere.  Even as the days became a week and nothing was melting I saw kindness everywhere.  The news stations even reported more kindness than crime and injustice.  Something beautiful happened to us here in the Low Country and it was so good.  Was it all inconvenient? Yes.  Was it a mess?Yes.  Was it memory making?  You bet!  Who knew KINDNESS would be so prevalent?  Hmmm,  looks like something really did impact me after all.  What a magical week.

Week 15 I am at peace

As I am doing my morning readings, I realize how rested I feel.  How energized I am.  How grateful for the holidays.  For me, the holidays were a good break from my work.  I am rested and ready for a New Year.  I am excited to continue on this journey.

This weeks Master Keys are especially beautiful to me.  Something clicked for me and I see the future through a new lens.  I am not worried, I am confident.  I see how everything unfolds in a perfect way based on my personal journey.  I see how all of us have that same unfolding and all the knowledge and power at the ready for us to use to make our purpose real.

I have a feeling of control that I have never experienced and I am excited for every new day.

The gratitude I feel is overwhelming.  I have learned so much in so few weeks it is mind blowing.  Imagine a girl from Kentucky with a blank slate becoming me, with all these opportunities that lie inside each of us?  Mark and Davine are opening the world to anyone on a quest.  I see how this planet can be healed…one person at a time.  What a miracle!

Get my uniform ready.  I am now their greatest cheerleader!

And I am at peace.

Week 14 Peace Be the Journey.. Legacy and Helping Others

The movie I watched was Cool Runnings.  It is about being world class.  The message, if you know what you want and work hard enough for it, you will get it.  But no matter the outcome, when you look in the mirror, be proud of who you see.  Although winning is what you may seek, the journey is where the winning comes from.  Finish what you start and you are a winner.

In our current climate I found this movie to be especially poignant.  In a speech to the Alliance for Bobsledding the coach urged the head of the Alliance to have respect for the sport and to stop recreating rules just to get even with him for his cheating many years before.  He urged them to honor what the team had done and allow them to compete.  Do the right thing.  In other words, Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.

I had chills and went onto my sacred hour with more hope and strength that I can continue and reap the rewards.  I pray our country can and will do the same.

Peace be the Journey.

Week 13..Legacy and Helping Others

Hearing the speakers Sunday night on the webinar was like having someone peek inside my head.  I remember when I encountered the 1st choice to either leave the program or or PIF and continue.  I chose PIF and continue and the funds to PIF has shown up without any concern for me.  Something would not allow me to quit.  I look back on that time and realize I had made a promise that I would not, could not, break.

I admit the thought, “hold off for now” , has occurred since then but the holiday break in November jolted me.  I know I not only want this experience, I NEED IT!  I treasure it because I see the change happening, I see the resources appearing and I envision more easily how I can serve and that is why I am here.  I can be the difference I want to see.  This is the work of Spirit and a gift.  I am so grateful.  Wait!  Where are those 3 x 5 cards?

Week 12..Legacy and Helping Others

Wow! I don’t know what else to say.  Thank You, of course, but WOW.  What a week.  I don’t believe I have ever waited until Friday to post but this week was off the charts!  In a good way too.

This program is working and stretching me and I am loving it.  Two weeks ago I was working the keys and knowing sometime there would be an obvious pay off and BAM! It is here.  My alterations business has boomed with opportunities to reach an unlimited number of people to advertise the business…..free.  A private school has commissioned me to alter their symphony members uniforms and that is a lot of parents who will be dressing their kids for prom and graduation this year.  I was also nominated by the local newspaper as Best in Summerville.  More exposure.  What can be said?  I am grateful, honored, thankful and confident in what we are doing in this group.  Now sorry for cutting this short but I have a lot of work to do.  Later!